Dans le cadre d’un programme ERASMUS nous avons le plaisir de recevoir le Pr Enrique Roche de l’Université Miguel Hernandez d’Elche (Espagne).

A cette occasion le Pr Roche fera un séminaire dans notre Laboratoire, le mardi 17/04/2018 à 12h30 sur le thème: 


« Plant-derived polyphenols help to correct obesity and overweight through different potential mechanisms »
Résumé: Emerging scientific evidence indicates that dietary supplements may become as a complement to diet and exercise for the treatment of obesity and related disorders. Our laboratory has developed a nutraceutical product combining polyphenolic extracts from Lippia citriodora (LC) and Hibiscus sabdariffa (HS) (under patent). In vitro studies show that polyphenolic extracts from LC + HS reduce intracellular lipid accumulation and decrease high glucose-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in adipocytes through the regulation of different metabolic pathways through activation of AMP-kinase. Most of these effects have been corroborated in hyperlipidemic animal models in which the continuous consumption of these polyphenolic extracts prevented fatty liver disease and improved lipid metabolism. Finally in human intervention studies, blood pressure lowering and satiating effects have also been corroborated in patients with metabolic syndrome. Therefore, LC + HS extracts have a potential in alleviating obesity and related pathologies that needs further exploration.